This set of magazine headlines was created for an online magazine called Pretamuse.

Pretamuse is a magazine that is dedicated to telling stories of young creatives who work with a conscious/sustainable angle, in hopes of inspiring other young creatives to work consciously too. Whether it is working consciously in the way that, they use resources and choose materials that do not cause harm or in the way they strive to conserve energy in their creative space.



Hand lettered series of bookmarks for Folio-Folio, a company who has had their designs in stores such as Books-A-Million and Barnes and Noble for the past 20 years. 



In the age of digital technology, the idea of using our hands to make and create letterforms instead of relying on digital software and pre-designed typefaces is one that has seemingly been lost. Although we have made an overwhelming amount of technological advancements, have we actually lost something that is of incredible value to designers and audiences for design? How does this affect visual culture? 

It is the idiosyncrasies and the value of everyday imperfection that makes hand lettered designs stand apart from those created on the computer. These imperfections and mistakes make the design personal. It is used as a form of expression that simply cannot be replicated using a digital typeface. This resistance of new technologies enables a designer to make a distinct mark – one that has never been made before.

This project was displayed at the 2015 BFA Undergraduate Graphic Design Thesis Exhibition at Ohio University. I received funding from both the Provost's Undergraduate Research Fund and the Dean's Undergraduate Creative Research Award. I was also one of three students to receive the Charles Logan Smith Award after the completion of the project. 



Published in Footwear News magazine, August 2014

This advertisement was created for an internship at Rocky Brands in Nelsonville,OH, specifically designed for the brand Georgia Boot. Generally, the target market of this brand is blue-collar workers, however the brand decided to attend a trade show that was targeted toward a younger, fashion-driven crowd. In order to market our attendance at FN Platform, I created an advertisement that targeted the men's fashion market as well as coordinated with the aesthetic of our booth at the trade show. I used hand-drawn lettering to capture an authentic and original look for this advertisement.